So you want to be a freelancer…

The Gift of Desperation

January 4, 2019, my boss sent me a Zoom link. “Hey, can you quickly jump in on this call?” So I clicked the link. The first thing he says is “Yeah, today’s your last day with the company. We’re restructuring… blah blah blah..” There was an “at-will” clause in all employees’ contracts that allowed the CEO to fire people at will — no time to get your things in order, no time to hand over your workload — once he fired you, that was your last day on the job.

Lessons I learned so far

In Conclusion

I have since grown my freelance career into a full-fledged, registered business — CM Tribe Digital Marketing Services. We offer content marketing services comprising text-based content, infographics, and video. This covers the full span of content marketing. I have also affiliated with SEO experts and professional web designers, so these are add-on services that we can offer our clients.



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Entrepreneur's Corner - CM Tribe Stories

Entrepreneur's Corner - CM Tribe Stories

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